Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hi Six Sensories,
Everyday when I do readings for people I notice a theme emerging among my clients, just as I do when I do conference calls, and my radio show. This shows me just how much we are all tuned into one another and really can help each other on an intuitive level all the time. Today the theme was struggling with believing in one's intuition. Every single client I spoke with today was clearly very intuitively guided, and yet everyone doubted that their sixth sense was real, let alone considered trusting it. To this I pose the question," How much evidence do you need before you trust your vibes?" Every single client had far more than an occasional hit or hunch or vibe. They were literally bombarded with vibes every day. And still they all generally ignored their greatest gifts. It's important to ask yourself if you are like one of these people, constantly tuning into very accurate and useful information that you repeatedly throw away. If it were wads of dollars you were being bombarded with you might have a different reaction. You may actually set your attention to waiting for the next and the next delivery to come. And yet intuition is worth its weight in gold. It guides you to ease and flow day by day. It warns you against poor decisions and points the way to great opportunities. It watches your back and and shines a light on your path so you do not miss a thing that might serve your Spirit. To ignore it leaves you a card carrying member of the "woulda, shoulda' coulda" club of missed opportunities and magical moments. How much evidence do you need to trust your vibes? To answer that question, get a small noteboook and for one week, every time you get a hit, a hunch, a vibe, intuitive flash, simply write it in the book. You do not need to believe or do any thing about it. Just acknowledge what you are feeling and record it. After a week read your entries back. What you will find is hard core evidence that your vibes are trustworthy. Maybe if you take time to do this fun experiment you will regain a strong connection to your most important personal power, your intuition. Try it and see. I'm sure this little notebook will become one of the most life changing books you will ever read. All my love from somewhere in the world.

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