Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the Season to Be Jolly... and Share Your Gifts

Dear Beloved Six Sensories,
It's very tempting to become cynical during the holidays ...especially with all the commercialization surrounding them. But it is important to not allow the commercial hijacking of Christmas to shut your heart down. After all, the season of Christmas is the season of the child. All children, including our inner child. It is the season of wonder, imagination, sweetness, and surprises, and of course, gifts. It is the season for experiencing all the things that wake up the inner child to feel loved and special, and most of all valued. Granted there are a lot of traditions  at Christmas that we could ditch and not miss them, especially the one about being"good" enough to get a treat from Santa. The truth is we are all "good enough," and Christmas is one season which celebrates our inherent goodness.  But the practice of sharing gifts is worth continuing, only they need not be gifts purchased at a store. The best gifts and the ones worth sharing and do bring a lot of joy to all are the gifts of Spirit that we have all been endowed with. In fact, I believe the purpose of life is to share our gifts with as many people as possible every day. To do this, we must first start by recognizing our gifts. We all have gifts, at least one thousand gifts in fact, according to my teachers. What are you personal gifts; the talents and qualities that make life better all the way around?
You may have the gift of music, the gift of gab, the gift of listening, the gift of nurturing,  the gift of cooking, cleaning, laughing easily. If you dig deeply  enough into your personal gift basket you may of even find gifts you possess that you didn't even know you had. For example I just discovered the gift of patience. It's taken many years to find this gift, but I cannot tell you how happy I am to have it and share it with as many people who formally bugged me as possible. My family is even more happy I am sharing this gift with them as well.
I also discovered the gift of song writing. I just wrote the lyrics for an entire CD , and had it put to music this past month. It's called Traveling at the Speed of Love. I love this gift and I love sharing it. You can get a free mp3 download of the main title song Traveling at the Speed of Love  by going to my website I am so happy to share it with you. I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, tell others. Share my website with them, and pass this gift along.
So please keep your heart open, and look into it for your gifts. They play Santa, or Father Christmas, or the good fairy, and share and share and share even more all your gifts with the world. You have them. The world needs them. And you will feel wonderful and blessed and truly enriched for being so generous of Spirit with all of us.
All my love from somewhere in the world,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Telling the difference between Intuition and Intellect

Hi Six Sensories,
I am temporarily frustrated because I just wrote my blog for the day and then accidently deleted it a few minutes ago. My patience is definitely being tested today. With that off my chest I am now ready to re-write what I just wrote, so here goes.

My topic was, "How can you tell the difference between my mind or intellect and my intuition?
Its a great question which is why I want to address it in today's blog. You can tell the difference by the way you FEEL.
The intellect feels tense and stiff and contracted  within the body while intuition leaves one feeling open, relaxed, expansive and at ease.

See for yourself. think of something that puzzles you and try to figure it out. Notice how the muscles in your body become tense and your breath shortens as you do this. This is all very subtle of course but obvious if you pay attention.
 Now wonder about something that you are curious about, but have no need to have an answer to, such as "I wonder what I will have for dinner," or "I wonder who is calling me now?" Tune into the body once again and notice how wondering feels in the the body.
Again chances are great that you will feel relaxed, be breathing more deeply, even notice that the corners of your mouth have turned up into a small smile.
These are the recurring signs of tapping into the intuitive side of the brain. Overall it quite simply feels good to go there. It just feels right in your bones, although as I said before it is subtle.

That is why so many people miss out on their intuition. It is far too subtle for the way many people live their lives, bombarded with outer noise, mental chatter, and stressful thoughts. All this prevents the inner peace necessary to tune into your sixth sense.

Taking time out for a few moments every day and tuning into a silence really opens up the intuitive channel and gets it flowing. Just turn of the IPOd or radio for a few minutes to check in with your inner vibration and feelings. That's a great start. Basically, trusting your vibes begins with tuning into your vibes, so paying attention is the first step. Pay attention to your body throughout the day and notice if it is tense or relaxed. if it is tense you are "in your head", so to speak. If you are feeling relaxed, and expansive you are in the intuitive flow. Have fun bouncing back and forth between these two realms with a few deep breaths and silence. Soon it will get easier to tell the difference between intellect and intuition and easier still to tune in either way at will.

Now my intuition is suggesting that I get outside and enjoy the day so Im signing off.
all my love
from somewhere in the world

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Six Sensories
Im sitting in my hotel room in Sausalito, California looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge right outside my window. The sky is crystal clear , the air is warm, and the view is incredible.. I'm here visiting my daughters and friends for a Thanksgiving celebration and glad I am. Finding this hotel was difficult as it is located in a national park, and used to be an old army barracks at the turn of the century. Thank goodness we had a Hertz Neverlost GPS system to guide us here. Or maybe not. As we drove, I struggled to listen to the Neverlost giving commands, my husband Patrick overriding the Neverlost with his version of the directions, and my own instincts behind the wheel all at once as we navigated bumper to bumper traffic, going at times fifty miles an hour, from the airport to here. What struck me as funny abut this whole escapade was how, when only fifty feet away from the front door of the hotel, with the huge blaring sign right in front of it with the hotel's name blazened across it,, the Neverlost was commanding me to turn around and go the other way. Thats not even the goofiest part. The goofiest part, for me, was that while every single one of my senses was fixed on the front door of the hotel, I still struggled to believe we were at the right place for at least twenty seconds as I wondered if the machine knew something I didn't about where I was. No wonder we get so confused and distracted from listening to our intuition. We do get bombarded by influences that insist we don't trust our own experience, and it can be challenging to fight them off.
I have said again and again that intuition starts with all a keen sense of the obvious, and yet even I was duped for a second today as my Neverlost expert machine had me questioning what was right before my eyes. Happily, I snapped out of my confusion, silenced the Neverlost, and confidently walked in to the hotel lobby to register. Relieved that I regained my senses, I am now happily settled in, sipping a tall cool glass of sparkling water as I write.. The moral of this story is , above all, trust your own senses, your own experience, your own vibes, and a keen sense of the obvious before you trust a machine.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.
Sonia somewhere in the world.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hi Six Sensories,
Everyday when I do readings for people I notice a theme emerging among my clients, just as I do when I do conference calls, and my radio show. This shows me just how much we are all tuned into one another and really can help each other on an intuitive level all the time. Today the theme was struggling with believing in one's intuition. Every single client I spoke with today was clearly very intuitively guided, and yet everyone doubted that their sixth sense was real, let alone considered trusting it. To this I pose the question," How much evidence do you need before you trust your vibes?" Every single client had far more than an occasional hit or hunch or vibe. They were literally bombarded with vibes every day. And still they all generally ignored their greatest gifts. It's important to ask yourself if you are like one of these people, constantly tuning into very accurate and useful information that you repeatedly throw away. If it were wads of dollars you were being bombarded with you might have a different reaction. You may actually set your attention to waiting for the next and the next delivery to come. And yet intuition is worth its weight in gold. It guides you to ease and flow day by day. It warns you against poor decisions and points the way to great opportunities. It watches your back and and shines a light on your path so you do not miss a thing that might serve your Spirit. To ignore it leaves you a card carrying member of the "woulda, shoulda' coulda" club of missed opportunities and magical moments. How much evidence do you need to trust your vibes? To answer that question, get a small noteboook and for one week, every time you get a hit, a hunch, a vibe, intuitive flash, simply write it in the book. You do not need to believe or do any thing about it. Just acknowledge what you are feeling and record it. After a week read your entries back. What you will find is hard core evidence that your vibes are trustworthy. Maybe if you take time to do this fun experiment you will regain a strong connection to your most important personal power, your intuition. Try it and see. I'm sure this little notebook will become one of the most life changing books you will ever read. All my love from somewhere in the world.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Travel at the speed of Love

Hello Six Sensories,
I just returned from the I Can Do It conference where I gave my first keynote speech to the entire conference. The talk I gave was called "Traveling at the Speed of Love" which was about the importance of choosing to live in love and not be controlled by fear in this day and age. This begins by becoming aware of what and who is controlling your thoughts. Do you frequently host negative thoughts about yourself and others that you simply cannot shake? Do you try to live out a stylized spiritual image that is founded on being better than who you are? Do you feel inadequate and slightly guilty and ashamed for no reason? Are you nervous and anxious about the vibration of the world? This is because you are fairly telepathic and are sadly resonating with the low level but very powerful vibration of fear circulating the world. This vibration is far more insidious than the swine flu and far more devastating. To travel at the speed of love you innoculate abainst this fear by realizing that such negative and demoralizing thoughts and feelings are not originating from your beautiful authentic Spirit but rather are being channeled into you by a highly disturbed unconscious world. This channel sneaks in from tv, newspapers, family opinions, public opinions, and the general negative fear-based population. To get free of this infection and live a more Spirited and authentic life, evey time you feel or think a thought that disturbs your Spirit and leaves you feeling uncertain and insecure, breathe deeply and dismiss the thought as not yours by saying outloud,"That is not my thought. I am a Divine Immortal Being and only my loving Spirit controls my thoughts and feelings. I am filled with Light and bring more light to the world." This proclamation liberates us from all psychic and telepathic intrusions that bog down the heart and cause you to feel negative and insecure about yourself and life. To travel at the speed of love is to allow your Spirit and not your fears move you through each day. The Holy Spirit within you is powerful and nothing is greater than this.
Affrim your Spirit each day and proclaim that nothing other than the living and Holy Spirit within you can influence you each day. At first it may feel strange but within a matter of days it will feel powerful, protective, and sane. Do not channel the thoughts of the fearful masses by paying attetnion to the thoughts runing trhough your mind. If theya re not positive, loving, aptient, kind, and fogiving dismiss them. Be a leader in your life and lead from the Light within. Bless yourself and all living things every day and take it one bright step at a time. Thats it for my first blog. Stay tuned. All my love.