Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Six Sensories
Im sitting in my hotel room in Sausalito, California looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge right outside my window. The sky is crystal clear , the air is warm, and the view is incredible.. I'm here visiting my daughters and friends for a Thanksgiving celebration and glad I am. Finding this hotel was difficult as it is located in a national park, and used to be an old army barracks at the turn of the century. Thank goodness we had a Hertz Neverlost GPS system to guide us here. Or maybe not. As we drove, I struggled to listen to the Neverlost giving commands, my husband Patrick overriding the Neverlost with his version of the directions, and my own instincts behind the wheel all at once as we navigated bumper to bumper traffic, going at times fifty miles an hour, from the airport to here. What struck me as funny abut this whole escapade was how, when only fifty feet away from the front door of the hotel, with the huge blaring sign right in front of it with the hotel's name blazened across it,, the Neverlost was commanding me to turn around and go the other way. Thats not even the goofiest part. The goofiest part, for me, was that while every single one of my senses was fixed on the front door of the hotel, I still struggled to believe we were at the right place for at least twenty seconds as I wondered if the machine knew something I didn't about where I was. No wonder we get so confused and distracted from listening to our intuition. We do get bombarded by influences that insist we don't trust our own experience, and it can be challenging to fight them off.
I have said again and again that intuition starts with all a keen sense of the obvious, and yet even I was duped for a second today as my Neverlost expert machine had me questioning what was right before my eyes. Happily, I snapped out of my confusion, silenced the Neverlost, and confidently walked in to the hotel lobby to register. Relieved that I regained my senses, I am now happily settled in, sipping a tall cool glass of sparkling water as I write.. The moral of this story is , above all, trust your own senses, your own experience, your own vibes, and a keen sense of the obvious before you trust a machine.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.
Sonia somewhere in the world.

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  1. How wonderful to discover your blog. It's just like having an extension of your books which are on my nightstand and a calming influence at night.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.