Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Telling the difference between Intuition and Intellect

Hi Six Sensories,
I am temporarily frustrated because I just wrote my blog for the day and then accidently deleted it a few minutes ago. My patience is definitely being tested today. With that off my chest I am now ready to re-write what I just wrote, so here goes.

My topic was, "How can you tell the difference between my mind or intellect and my intuition?
Its a great question which is why I want to address it in today's blog. You can tell the difference by the way you FEEL.
The intellect feels tense and stiff and contracted  within the body while intuition leaves one feeling open, relaxed, expansive and at ease.

See for yourself. think of something that puzzles you and try to figure it out. Notice how the muscles in your body become tense and your breath shortens as you do this. This is all very subtle of course but obvious if you pay attention.
 Now wonder about something that you are curious about, but have no need to have an answer to, such as "I wonder what I will have for dinner," or "I wonder who is calling me now?" Tune into the body once again and notice how wondering feels in the the body.
Again chances are great that you will feel relaxed, be breathing more deeply, even notice that the corners of your mouth have turned up into a small smile.
These are the recurring signs of tapping into the intuitive side of the brain. Overall it quite simply feels good to go there. It just feels right in your bones, although as I said before it is subtle.

That is why so many people miss out on their intuition. It is far too subtle for the way many people live their lives, bombarded with outer noise, mental chatter, and stressful thoughts. All this prevents the inner peace necessary to tune into your sixth sense.

Taking time out for a few moments every day and tuning into a silence really opens up the intuitive channel and gets it flowing. Just turn of the IPOd or radio for a few minutes to check in with your inner vibration and feelings. That's a great start. Basically, trusting your vibes begins with tuning into your vibes, so paying attention is the first step. Pay attention to your body throughout the day and notice if it is tense or relaxed. if it is tense you are "in your head", so to speak. If you are feeling relaxed, and expansive you are in the intuitive flow. Have fun bouncing back and forth between these two realms with a few deep breaths and silence. Soon it will get easier to tell the difference between intellect and intuition and easier still to tune in either way at will.

Now my intuition is suggesting that I get outside and enjoy the day so Im signing off.
all my love
from somewhere in the world


  1. Thanks,Sonia. I had been wondering about the difference between intuition and wishful thinking. While wishful thinking and intellect aren't the same and I suspect impact the body differently, the lesson is the same - slow down and pay attention. Always a good reminder. Thank you again.

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